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‘God is merciful. Through my walks along the beach alone I found my longing for meeting with people and peacefulness I struggled with. I was grateful for my jobs and found how important is physical and mental health.’

Marta, Blackpool

‘You’re precious, you’re amazing and we hold you in our hearts and prayers.’

Stephen, Matlock

‘You are precious in my eyes. You are honoured. And I love you. Isaiah 43:4’

Joanne, Omagh

‘Open your heart and eyes and ears and listen to your Christian sisters and brothers share the love of The Lord’

Jay, Whitton

‘At the beginning of the FIRST LOCKDOWN, I had just attended the Catholic Church for the first time. Last Sunday, (Pentecost) I was confirmed and welcomed into the Church- best day for me since I don’t know when: He took up residence insurance of me in the morning and I was ‘glowing’ with His glory since then’

Virginia, Torquay

‘My family got me through the last year so without them I wouldn’t be here’


‘We hope that this pandemic will go forever and that we have our World back as it should be’

Katie, Devon

‘It will get better’

Rosemary, Dagenham

‘Increased Periods of Reflection and Silence very helpful during Lockdown. Hopefully built into daily routine. ‘

Pauline, Canterbury

‘Saint Jude and his shrine provided me with hope through its reflections and knowing I could turn to him at any time’

‘A very tough time: personally I was lucky to survive covid and world-wide there has been suffering and trauma. Sense of hope comes from the way communuties have come together and the way those who care for us have been saluted’

Simon, Nottingham

‘Love joy and happiness to my friends’

Carol, Liverpool

‘I pray for me my friends and family Richard Hanworth “For I know the plans I have for you declares The Lord..plans for peace and not evil…to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11’

Angela, Ayr

‘Help me with demon energy please thanks’

Susan, Derbyshire

‘My faith and knowing that Our Heavenly Father will see us through this dreadfully pandemic’

Michael, Burnley

‘God brought me through the last yr’

Ally, Lurgan

‘God was the only one who has got me through the past yr. Never rely on people’

Ally, Lurgan

‘I would everyone to be COVID free by the end of this year and to have peace all over the world’

Amanda, Watford

‘I found various things helped me’

Bishop Phonsie from Waterford and Lismore Diocese, Co Tipperary

‘Fr Marc Lyden-Smith in Seaham and his Sunday masses And the amount of like-minded friends I’ve made through these livestreams is phenomenal. We all pray for each other. I’ve never known such community spirit on-line’

Marina, Worcester

‘My faith helped me’

Gererd, Manchester

‘My religion and praying has helped me thru the difficulties of lockdown. Amen’

Maureen, Cambuslang

‘My hope for the future is for there to be no more pandemics and for peace in the world we all live in as humans’


‘I learnt that God’s love is infinite and ineffable and nothing will separate us from Him’

Brian, Tyne and Wear

‘I hope we can live in harmony one day praise the lord’


‘I hope that jesus will come again soon’


‘I have my faith that is my great support My daughter set me up on Facebook and I’ve been able to access lots of Christian services that are a blessing! My family and friends give me so much help and support to stay strong and positive’

Therese, Middleton

‘Keep the faith’

Clare, Brinnington

‘Be kind, caring and understanding towards others’


‘God is for me and not against me even when I am at my lowest point’

Bryan, Neath

‘Believe in gods word and you can get though any bad situation amen’

Dawn, Hollinwood

‘Adversity challenges us to go deeper, to ask questions. If we can sit with the pain, the uncertainty, the frustrated feelings of entitlement, then we may find that we are talking to God’

Miriam, Crawley

‘The belief that it was god shining the light at the end of the tunnel saying that everything would get better’

Nicholas, Banbury

‘Watching The Chosen during this pandemic really helped my faith journey . It’s how Jesus impacted those who knew him with the hope of it impacting us too. The actor playing Jesus is a devout Catholic and began to pray on line . In his own humble way he prayed The divine mercy chaplet and the rosary answering questions from those of other faiths . Now the bible has come alive for me going to church I can visualise the Gospel when it is read . I would highly recommend The Chosen and praying the divine Mercy is so powerful in helping to ease anxiety and both give people hope’

Gillian, Solihull