“I am so happy today, I just received a call this morning telling me I’ve gotten my dream full time job with a digital media company in London!

A couple of years ago at the age of 39 I found myself homeless and in the merciless grip of such a severe heroin addiction. After a few nights on the street I was pointed in the direction of Ace of Clubs.

The first thing the staff did was make sure I got a hot meal and a piping mug of tea down my neck. Then a shower and a shave, some clean clothes and from there they have helped me generously and relentlessly.

They made all the important phone calls, referrals, filled in all the forms and fought with commitment on my behalf to get me help.

The team at Ace of Clubs pointed me in the path of some really brilliant help with battling my addictions and set up the connections to work on this problem. And really, more than anything they just cared. You can sense that in your stomach, whether someone actually gives a toss about you.

I ended up in the system for a while after this, so I would keep coming down to Ace of Clubs for a meal, a cuppa, my post and general support and friendship. Everyone at Ace was always ready to help me throughout the whole experience.

After a bit of time Ace of Clubs helped me to move temporarily to a rehab on the coast away from London. I needed to get myself away from the really unhealthy relationships I’d gotten myself into. I spent almost a year there and got completely clean. I came back to say Hello and Thank You to all of the Ace of Clubs staff and hilariously they didn’t even recognise me at all at first! I had changed so much and become so healthy looking. Then when they twigged who it was standing in front of them they were so over the moon to see me and to see that I had changed and was recovered.

Having returned to London I have now found a job with help from Ace of Clubs in my search for work. I also volunteer here at Ace of Clubs when I can and absolutely love it.

This place helps so many people on so many levels – if you’re thinking about donations then just come by and you’ll see the love and affection the clients have for the place and the change that that creates in people. And if you’re a service user reading this – Well, I know you agree. It’s so incredibly important to us all.”

Leaving a legacy to Ace of Clubs would enable us to fund the salaries of the vital and expert staff who intervene to befriend and support our vulnerable members in their incredibly challenging circumstances.

This case study is associated with the charity Ace of Clubs.