“There are so many children who need our help” – Sister Margie Cheong

Each year the Sisters of Mary programmes, funded by World Villages for Children, care for 20,000 children in their schools in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines and Tanzania. The children come from the poorest regions of these countries and represent just a tiny fraction of the children most in need. The Sisters travel weekly to the most impoverished states to reach out to those children living in despair and most in need of their care – the hardship that meets them on these visits is almost overwhelming.

“In Mexico this April, I and some of our Sisters went to the State of Guerrero (Mexico) to find the children. We spent two nights in the car, hardly sleeping. The morning of the meeting, there were hundreds of girls and boys waiting for us before we even arrived, as well as their siblings and families – almost 1000 people gathered together. We have truly felt that God needs us”. Sister Margie Cheong

Funding for school places is limited and the Sisters can only care for a small proportion of the children in need. The future of so many precious and vulnerable children rests with the Sisters and weighs heavily on them.

This case study is associated with the charity World Villages for Children.