Nadeisha’s Story – “I can see where they’re coming from because I’ve been there.”

Nadeisha started volunteering in our hostel at the beginning of this year, returning to the Centre 18 years after receiving help here herself. Having faced a number of tragic losses within her family she has demonstrated a determination to move forward with her life which is incredibly admirable. She has come through the other side determined to help others and at peace with the loss she has suffered.

Nadeisha’s relationship with the Centre started in 1997 when she moved into our Young Persons Hostel after finding herself homeless following a breakdown in communication with her mother. She was referred to the hostel after struggling to settle elsewhere, and admitted that the environment in other hostels had been overwhelming:

“When I first stayed in a hostel it was a culture shock. I’d never been in a hostel before. There were young people there addicted to drugs and with multiple sexual partners. But when I came to the Cardinal Hume Centre it was different, it was more of a home.”

Within a couple of months Nadeisha had settled into hostel life and was proud of her independence. She was working and attending college, and she was able to pay her own rent:

“I thought, this is my home. Its small, it’s not what I’m used to, but it’s mine. It was my key, my space, my domain.”

This case study is associated with the charity The Cardinal Hume Centre.