Through remembering Caritas Anchor House in your Will, you will be helping disadvantaged people like Lee turn their lives around.

“I have been at Anchor House for 8 months and I have achieved more in that time than I have in the rest of my life.”

Lee had been living with her mum and acting as her full time carer when they received the news that the council owned flat which they both lived in would shortly be demolished as part of a redevelopment programme in the area. Although the council were prepared to rehouse Lee’s mother, this didn’t extend to Lee, and so after her mother moved out, Lee stayed on in the property claiming squatter’s rights. This situation continued for around a year until two weeks before Christmas in 2012 when she received a final notice to quit the property.

Lacking confidence, self-esteem and feeling worthless, Lee had reached a very low point in her life. Following a four month period of sofa surfing, Lee heard from a friend about Caritas Anchor House, and following a referral, she was accepted as a resident.

With support from her Lifestyle Architect and specialist help from the Clifford Chance mentoring programme, Lee has since learned to read and write properly, and has become fully engaged in voluntary work at Caritas Anchor House, including meeting visitors and potential funders, and helping to run the Cooking and Nutrition programme for Recovery classes.

Lee has slowly started to regain a feeling of self-worth and self-confidence, and learning to read and write has opened up a whole new opportunity for training courses. She already has an impressive number under her belt, including the Welcome Host Gold Customer Services certificate as well as Health and Hygiene and Health and Safety training.

She now plans to undertake I.T. training and is hoping to find full-time work within the catering industry. As Lee puts it, “I had never taken any exams or ever worked in my life before I came to Caritas Anchor House, but this experience has given me so many more choices now. I am more hopeful for the future than I have ever been.”

Our dedicated team of Lifestyle Architects were able to help turn Lee’s life around, and they do so with so many of our other residents too. The team, who include members who specialise in mental health, offending and substance misuse, work with our residents to help them find a pathway out of the negative situations they are in and create sustainable solutions to ensure the change is lasting.

By leaving a legacy to Caritas Anchor House, you will be helping us to affect real, positive change in the lives of so many of our residents.

This case study is associated with the charity Caritas Anchor House.