Faith, we are told, is the gift of Almighty God. Jack Lusted converted to Catholicism following almost 25 years of ministry as a clergyman in the Church of England. Jack worked in parishes in Brighton and in East and West Sussex. Wherever he served as a vicar he had a house provided, an income and a respected position in a loving community; he enjoyed lifetime job security.

Jack had begun to think about becoming a Catholic. Together with his wife, Sarah, they had thought long and hard about this decision. They had prayed hard too and weighed up the practical implications. They spoke with their teenage children and all four of them decided to join their parents and become Catholics.  But the decision meant they would have to leave their home and their community and find other ways of supporting themselves.

The St Barnabas Society stands between people like Jack, Sarah, Martha, Isaac, Joseph and Esther and real hardship. We were able to help Jack and Sarah find a house to rent for the family and support them in day-to-day living costs. We are able to keep in close touch and help them find their feet as new Catholics. We have worked with Jack to find new employment and discern the future. We rely on the generosity of Catholics to support our work and to support the Lusteds and other convert clergymen and women and their families. For such people the gift of faith was received years ago, but now they look to the future in the fullness of the communion of the Catholic Church.