Having supported CAFOD for over 40 years, Majorie van den Bosch is still playing an important part in our work – through the gift she kindly left in her will. Marjorie’s granddaughter, Kate, travelled to Nicaragua to see how gifts like her grandmother’s are giving children a better start in life. In the hill-top village of Cerro Pando, Kate met local young people who are training to be teachers. Schools in isolated communities like Cerro Pando struggle to attract experienced staff, so CAFOD and the John XXIII Social Action Institute – a Nicaraguan church organisation we work with – are training local students to ensure more girls and boys get a good primary education.

Kate, who’s a teacher herself, told us: “Seeing CAFOD’s work at first hand has helped me appreciate why my grandmother left a legacy…. I now know it was absolutely the right thing to do – a brilliant continuation of her support”. 

This case study is associated with the charity Catholic Agency for Overseas Development.