Auriel Samuelsen’s life revolved around her faith, her love of education and her passion for justice.

After visiting CAFOD projects in Sri Lanka she championed our Trade Justice campaign and called for better treatment of female workers on tea plantations. She also helped Wrexham become one of the country’s first Fairtrade Dioceses.

With characteristic pragmatism, Auriel took steps to remember the causes she cared about through her will. Writing in 2002 she told us:

“I’ve supported CAFOD for 20 years of my life so far, so it makes sense to carry on when I’m no longer here. We all want to leave behind something of use and a legacy to CAFOD is exactly that.”

Auriel put down her placard for the last time in March 2011 and is greatly missed. But her fight for justice continues and her memory lives on in the communities touched by her lifetime’s work.

This case study is associated with the charity Catholic Agency for Overseas Development.