More children can go to school as CAFOD supporters bring safe water to over 200,000 people

Thanks to the incredible support of CAFOD supporters, over 200,000 people in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe now can access clean, safe water.

The amazing generosity of supporters meant that the UK Government gave an additional £3.5million to fund clean water projects in the three countries.

These projects have changed thousands of lives. Over the last two years the projects have:

• Installed or repaired 567 water points.
• Built 44,200 toilets.
• Trained 1,448 people to fix and maintain toilets and water points
• Taught 1,294 people how to raise any water or sanitation issues with local officials and village chiefs.

Now whole communities have safe water to drink, wash and cook with. This has made the world of difference to communities, especially women and girls. “Now we easily fetch water at whatever time. It’s just a turn of the tap! The project has solved our water problems,” explains 20-year-old Elizabeth.

Before, Elizabeth and her community had to fetch water from a swamp three miles away. But thanks to CAFOD supporters, a tap was installed in her village in northern Uganda and they received training sessions and a water trough for animals.

Elizabeth is delighted! “Everything has gone right,” she said. “Like God has come to visit us after a long period of suffering.”

With better access to water, more girls can go to school. They don’t have to worry about spending hours going to fetch water for their families, and when schools have better toilets and hygiene facilities, girls can attend more often.

The headteacher of a school in Karamoja, a very dry part of Uganda, explains the great impact this has had for girls in his school: “In 2014, we had 90 girls and 125 boys enrol. This year has seen 187 girls sign up for school and 301 boys. This is thanks to the work of Caritas and our senior female teacher.”

With better access to water and sanitation in the communities and in their schools, children and young people have a much better chance of receiving an education and reaching their potential.

If you’d like to know more about how a gift in your will can help young people have safer lives and brighter futures, visit or call Hannah on 020 7095 5367

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