Mary P’s Saint

The saint who matters most to me is Theresa of Calcutta. This may be an “easy” role model due to the fact that the qualities and life-style of this sainted woman were easily observable during her life. Most saints weren’t filmed for the 7 pm news! The pure simplicity of Theresa of Calcutta is what drew me to her; she made her outreach seem so attainable and easy. Her verbal lessons were easy to understand and examine. They were short sentences, not long, rambling homilies. Her principles and morals never wavered, never adjusted to ingratiate herself to place or person. What she cautioned the President of the U.S. to avoid, her gentle nudge of the Holy Father – these were the same cautions she voiced to all of us. She had rich friends, but a beggar’s humility. She was saintly before her death, which facilitated her sainthood afterward.

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