Why should I make a Will?

Many people say that writing their Will gives them peace of mind to know everything is taken care of. Here are some of the benefits of writing your Will.

  • You can choose executors. These are the people that you want to carry out your wishes according to your Will after you’re gone.
  • You decide how you would like your estate divided, to whom and in what shares. If you die without a Will, the state dictates how it’s divided, and it may not suit your wishes.
  • You can leave gifts to charities you care about. Some charity supporters see a gift in their Will as an opportunity to make a far-reaching gift that will help future generations.
  • Charitable gifts can help to reduce the Inheritance Tax on your estate.
    You are able to provide for your loved ones in the way that’s most appropriate for their needs and circumstances (such as setting up a trust to safeguard the interests of a young or vulnerable relative.)
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