Leave a gift in your Will?

You can

  • Want to make a lasting difference in the world? You can.
  • Want to ensure your faith and values live on? You can.
  • Want to keep supporting the Catholic causes you love? You can.

Because leaving a gift in your Will is something you can do.

Often, we think gifts in Wills are only made by very wealthy people. We imagine million-pound legacies. We believe only large gifts make a difference.

It’s a myth!

The truth is, you can have a lasting, positive impact on the future with a gift in your Will of any size.

Leaving a gift in our Will is something almost all of us can do – and it’s easy, too.

Your Catholic Legacy can help you choose the Catholic causes you wish to remember. We can support you to make or amend your Will, so your chosen beneficiaries are named.

Please could you consider leaving a gift in your Will to Catholic causes? Because you can. Contact Lily by calling 020 7095 5370 or emailing info@yourcatholiclegacy.org.uk to find out more.