John’s Saint

St. John Paul is the only saint I have met and spoken with, but that’s not why I adore him. Certainly he is the most devout person I have known. His nightime devotions, lying prone on the floors of chapels, are legendary. Indeed, his associates say they heard him speaking loudly in the chapels, as if he were in coversation. Some said he even saw and spoke with Jesus and Mary. Miracles associated with him are many, but seldom spoken about. In Poland, I saw him enter a room and cause the Communist dictator, Gen. Jaruzelski, start to shake in fear. He confided to a friend that he had a vision of “Islamism” invading Europe and entering our churches which by then were empty and filled only with vermin and spiderwebs. And finally, his devotion to Mary was limitless, and she has given me many personal favors.

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