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The Lebanese saint has become widely known as a miraculous intercessor on countless occasions.

Throughout history God has chosen certain individuals to work stunning miracles that reveal his great power and love for all of humanity. Among them, St. Charbel Makhlouf has proven time and time again to be a powerful intercessor through whom God desires to reveal his healing touch.

He was a humble and holy hermit whose weaknesses became great strengths in the hand of God.

Charbel was born in 1828 in Lebanon and was raised in a poor shepherd family. As he grew, Charbel was attracted to the hermit’s life of the desert and eventually entered the Monastery of St. Maron in Annaya. He was faithful to his duties in religious life and drew closer to God every day. After many years Charbel felt God calling him again to become a hermit and was granted permission to live the rest of his life at a hermitage set on a hill near the monastery.

Charbel died on Christmas Eve at the age of 70, and when his body was later exhumed it was found to be incorrupt. A holy oil was discovered flowing from the tomb, which has since been the source of numerous miracles.More than 13,000 healing miracles have been reported to date in the records of the Monastery of Saint Maron-Annaya. In addition, there are countless thousands of miracles reported in Lebanon and abroad that do not appear in these records.

Above all, the grace of a true repentance is the most essential and significant work of the Spirit. The Shrine of Saint Sharbel is considered one of the most important among the international shrines. In this holy place, sanctified by the presence of St. Sharbel, one witnesses frequently the grace of conversion and repentance and reconciliation with God and the gift of a conscience freed from the burden of sin.

Jesus is still alive, healing the wounds of the suffering humanity, forgiving its sins that cause its inevitable death, and giving it eternal life. (“Saint Sharbel From his Contemporaries to our Era”, by Father Hanna Skandar)

News and information about the graces and miracles of Saint Sharbel are still flowing to Saint Maron Monastery, in Annaya, where St. Sharbel’s tomb is located. About 4.5 million visitors a year come to Annaya in Lebanon to pray and seek the Saint’s intercession.

Saint Sharbel is a great intercessor who develops a true relationship with those asking for his intercession with faith and prayer. Many times, this leads to a miracle through God’s will.

A great number of miracles have been attributed to Saint Sharbel since his death. The most famous one is that of Nohad El Shami, a 55-year old (at the time of the miracle) mother of 12, who was healed from a partial paralysis [she suffered from a left hemiplegia, affecting her leg, arm and mouth]. She recounts that on January 22, 1993, she saw in her dream two Maronite monks standing next to her bed. One of them put his hands on her neck and operated on her, relieving her from her pain while the other put a pillow behind her back. When she woke up, Nohad discovered two wounds in her neck, one on each side, and was completely healed. The following night, Saint Sharbel said to her in a dream: “… I cut you by the Power of God so they (the people) could see you, because some people have strayed away from praying, from attending church and from respecting the saints, and you cannot do anything to people! But whoever needs anything from me, I, Father Sharbel, am always present in the hermitage. I ask you to visit the hermitage on the 22nd of each month and attend the Divine Liturgy, as long as you live.”

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