Homeless Hub is proving a real success

In December 2018 Caritas Anchor House launched a new Rough Sleepers Hub in Newham – where homelessness is the worst in the country. Following a successful pilot, the hub’s capacity has been doubled. Caritas Anchor House has seen many successes and lives changed already, and look forward to the many more to come. The hub is funded until the end of March 2020, however it’s hoped that it will become a continued part of our service.

Iulian, aged 33, moved into the hub after spending ten weeks sleeping rough. Six weeks later, he was chuffed to receive the keys to his new home. He said:

“When my landlord told me to leave, I had nowhere to go and no choice but to sleep on the streets. When I moved into Caritas Anchor House I was so relieved. I finally had a stable roof over my head, and could stay long enough to get my life back on track. The best thing about Caritas Anchor House is knowing that you can get all the support you need, and how nicely you are treated. What I am happiest about though is that Caritas Anchor House supported me in achieving my two main goals – to secure a job, and to have somewhere I can call home. Because they have helped me, I know what happened to me before won’t happen again.”

Read more about the hub here: https://www.caritasanchorhouse.org.uk/news/our-rough-sleeper-hub-doubles-capacity

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