General election: six ways to build a better world

The general election 2017 comes at a crucial time. We cannot stand by. We all have a role in shaping a better world and we must work with politicians to be and do the best they can.

As Catholics, we are called to love our neighbours and stand up for the common good. Here are six ideas to inspire you to put your faith into action.

1. Vote!

Your MP represents your voice in parliament. So on Thursday 8 June, go and vote at your local polling station.

2. Get ready to challenge your candidates

During this election campaign, your parliamentary candidates will want to hear what issues matter most to you. Download CAFOD’s election briefing to read up on important questions to ask on global poverty and climate change. Don’t worry- you don’t have to be an expert!

3. Ask an election question

Email your local parliamentary candidates with an election question. You can also question your candidates if they phone you or come knocking at your door. By speaking up, you can encourage all those seeking election to act on behalf of the world’s poorest communities.

My message would be to get involved, go to any gatherings or parliamentary hustings. Test your candidates on the issues you care about. I did that at the last election and it was very telling.

Trevor Stockton, CAFOD supporter, Birmingham archdiocese

4. Go to a hustings meeting

Hustings are local meetings where all candidates are invited to respond to questions from an audience. Find out if there’s a hustings meeting in your area and challenge your candidates in person. Find out what Susan got up to at her parish hustings before the last general election.

5. Pray with us

Pray for your election candidates at this time, and for God’s guidance as we seek to bring about a world transformed.

6. Keep speaking up

Sign up to CAFOD’s Speak Up week of action from 1-9 July. This is your chance to make sure the concerns of the world’s poorest people are on your MP’s agenda, just a few weeks after they have been elected.

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