Epsom Project providing a safe and fun space to deprived wards in Liverpool

Epsom Project community and children’s centre is in one of the most deprived wards in the city of Liverpool and some of its 14,300 residents are amongst the most underprivileged areas in England. It has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Liverpool; the number of deaths from cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease is high. Half of all the children in the area are classed as living in poverty.

Despite the statistics, Epsom Project provides a safe and fun space for the local children and is a hive of activity during the school holidays. The day starts with a breakfast club, where over 40 children are fed. Activities run throughout the day and the children are encouraged to plan their lunch, looking up recipes and prepare lunch on a budget. The trips out are eagerly awaited, as for many this is the only chance of leaving the city for the day. During school time there is a homework club where the children can do their homework in safety. Our staff encourages the children to work hard in school and get the most out of their education.

Parents’ courses, workshops and talks are held regularly on topics covering issues such as alcohol awareness, cancer awareness, and fire safety. People can become very isolated and overwhelmed by the circumstances they find themselves in. For example, many of the women who attend the centre have been victims of domestic violence resulting in lack of confidence and low self-esteem. At Epsom Project we provide a personal development course and teach basic maths and English, which has enabled some of the women to go onto further education. Two women are currently training to become qualified play workers.

The parents are encouraged to stay on the premises with their children at the Epsom Project, and staff have developed a close working relationship with them. This has empowered parents which in turn helps them to love and nurture their children’s development.

A legacy will have a lasting impact on the children and parents from Epsom Street. Leaving a gift in your will to Nugent Care will enable us to be there for children, providing help, advice and a place of safety whenever it’s needed.

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