A thriving religious order, preaching the gospel.

Founded in 1221 as the ‘Order of Preachers’, the Dominican friars teach the faith and preach the gospel. To excel in this mission, we immerse ourselves in study and prayer.
We work throughout Britain: the friars live as communities in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Leicester and Edinburgh; and we have mission houses on Jamaica and Grenada in the Caribbean.

In Oxford, we run Blackfriars Hall, a member of Oxford University, providing a Catholic presence in this world-leading university, and enabling deep conversations to take place on the fundamental questions of our age.

Our preaching today takes many forms, with the friars proclaiming Christ from the pulpit, in the TV or radio studio, in the lecture hall or debating chamber, or on videos or podcasts.

The friars are also involved in a wide range of ministries: teaching in schools, universities and seminaries; advancing knowledge through academic research; offering pastoral care to families, students, prisoners, and the sick and the dying.

Your legacy to the Dominicans will be valued: the friars pray daily for all their benefactors, living and deceased.

We will ensure that your legacy will be put to work to create enduring benefits for the friars and the people they serve. Legacies have been vital in recent years for ensuring that roofs get repaired, buildings are renovated, and our churches are kept beautiful. They have ensured that the many young men who are joining us can receive the best formation as priests and preachers.

Could you help, by your legacy, to support the Dominicans in preaching the gospel? Contact us today.

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Registered Charity number: 231192 (England and Wales), SC039062 (Scotland)
Registered Address: Blackfriars, St Giles, Oxford. OX1 3LY