St Francis Leprosy Guild is a UK based Catholic Charity that works to end leprosy across the world. Since biblical times, leprosy has been a disease affecting the most impoverished in society. The symptoms are very visible and when observed leads to people with leprosy being shut out from society, in some cases even divorced from spouses, cut off from families or forced to leave school or employment.

Today it can be cured, but all too often it is not identified early enough, so it causes disability and disfigurements that cannot be reversed. Our strategy is summarised under TRACE. We

  • Train medical staff to recognise the early signs of leprosy
  • Research into ways to stop transmission of the disease, treat more effectively and support those with disability.
  • We do Active Case Finding – projects that take us into the remotest communities to screen for early signs of the disease
  • Care and rehabilitation for those being treated
  • Deliver Emergency Funding as needed.

Today we support about 30 communities across 12 countries of the world.

Legacies account for approximately 75% income enabling us to keep these missions alive.

By leaving a gift to the Guild in your Will, you are helping to expedite a world in which leprosy no longer exists. We believe that this is possible within this generation. All gifts, large or small are immensely important to the charity.

All legacies are recorded in our Book of Remembrance and prayed for at our Annual Benefactors Mass.

Contact us

Registered Charity number 1188749
Office Address: St Francis Leprosy Guild, 73 Charles Square, London W10 6EJ