For over 800 years, the Carmelite friars have responded to God’s call in Britain and worldwide, and have provided a valid response to the needs of an ever-changing world. The Order seeks the face of the living God not only in prayer and fraternity, but also in service.

By leaving a gift to the Shrine and the British Carmelites in your Will, you are helping to ensure that the work and ministry of the province will continue for many generations to come. All gifts, whether large or small are immensely important to the charity. It is thanks to so many of the legacies of the past that we have been able to continue our work, building God’s Kingdom on earth even when your earthly life is over. Benefactors are remembered regularly in our prayers, and by making a bequest you can help us continue our vocation to preach the Gospel. Our deceased benefactors share in a Mass offered for them each month of the year and also in daily Mass during the month of November. We brought nothing into the world when we came and we will take nothing out of it when we leave, but the work of building God’s Kingdom continues after our death.

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