The cost of not making a will

More than half the UK population (58%) has not made a Will, and one of the common reasons given is the cost of going to a Solicitor. Yet the cost for straightforward Wills for a couple is around £250, whereas the cost of not writing a Will can be unimaginably high.

A recent article in the Telegraph by Rachael Tinniswood points out that over 24,000 children are bereaved of a parent each year in Britain and, if parents have not named a guardian in their Will and both parents die, their children are at risk of court-battles, family disputes and potentially even foster care while the court appoints a guardian of its own choosing.

So, the message is clear: Wills are not just about elderly people deciding how to divide up the family heirlooms. Couples with young families urgently need to ensure that they appoint guardians who could offer their children the support and love they would need if such a horrible situation did arise.

Your Catholic Legacy is encouraging Catholic families to be responsible stewards, by writing Wills to make proper provision for children. At the same time, parents can also leave a lasting contribution to their local church and the work of the Catholic Church in general, by leaving gifts to their favourite charities.

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