bccs are working in new ways to help children in need

Catherine Munns is a bccs School Counsellor and Lead Co-ordinator for Training and Development.  She shares her story about the difference her work, and the support that bccs is giving, is making to children in Essex and East London.

“In the Spring we introduced our new Suite of Services, which included the Consultations I would be offering within my new role at bccs. I have now delivered several successful Consultations which have enabled staff in schools to think alongside me in terms of a child’s presentation in the classroom.  I have been incredibly impressed at the level of insight and commitment staff have shown during the Consultation process.  The result of such dedication has been that children thought about within a Consultation have been integrated back into the classroom setting.  Through the commitment their teacher has undertaken in working with me, the child is able to think about themselves in a wholly more positive light within the school setting.  This has meant they are able to access learning again and have healthier peer relationships.

“I have also been busy delivering training, both to clusters of groups and by way of in-house training to schools for a whole school delivery.  I currently have 17 trainings booked for the period September to December 2015 and that has only covered Primary schools. The focus of the Workshops is around the issue of children’s emotional health and wellbeing and how you can best support a child in the school setting.  The workshops explore generational mental health; theoretical concepts which, if un-named, can form barriers to learning and to relating; an introduction to Attachment theory; and they culminate in an introduction to basic counselling skills.  The Workshops seek to leave staff feeling empowered by providing language and insight.  They also offer the opportunity for self-reflection around the complex issues children can present us with.  The training has been wholly positively received.  Here’s a snippet of feedback received:

  •  ‘Excellent course. Highly recommended to other colleagues who work within schools or other child-centred profession.’
  •  ‘…the information and content is the most useful and thought provoking that I have ever received.’
  •  ‘…a safe, calming environment in which to gain more knowledge to support my job in providing care to children.’
  •  ‘Very informative and opens eyes to many of the extra issues effecting children within schools.’
  •  ‘Great help to understand a child’s feelings’

“An evident theme, whether it be in consultation or training, has been that staff can feel lacking and de-skilled in managing the behaviour and interactions of children with emotional health and wellbeing issues.   I have been consistently impressed and heartened in all my interactions with school staff at their thoughtful, considered and caring attitude to the children we are talking about.  They have been receptive and fully embraced the experience and it has left me energised and even more driven to reach even more schools.”

Find out more about how you can help bccs make a difference to children’s lives by visiting their website  bccs.org.uk/legacies

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