Apostleship of the Sea supports collision ship crew

Your Catholic Legacy member, Apostleship of the Sea, supported seafarers after a collision of a tanker ship and bulk carrier earlier this month.  Media reported that tanker Seafrontier, which was loaded with petrol, collided with Huayang Endeavour in the English Channel en route to Lagos in Nigeria in the early morning of Saturday 1st July.

The dangers of shipping and fishing should not be underestimated, says Apostleship of the Sea. The tanker returned to the port of Antwerp for repairs. Whilst there the crew had the opportunity to visit the Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) seafarers’ centre for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Fr Jos Vanhoof, AoS Belgium national director said “fortunately no one was injured in this collision. Visiting the crew once this ship returned to port was a priority for us to offer any help we could at what would have been a stressful time for the crew.  This collision is a reminder of the dangers seafarers face each day to bring us various goods and food we rely on.”

Last year, AoS visited more than 70,000 ships across the world in over 300 ports. On Sunday, July 9, churches across the world celebrated Sea Sunday to remember and pray for seafarers and their families, and those who support them.

Pope Francis tweeted for the first time about Sea Sunday on July 9. The pontiff’s tweet, which went out at 12:30 in the afternoon read, “I entrust sailors, fishermen, and all those in difficulty on the seas faraway from home, to the motherly protection of Mary, Star of the Sea”.

The tweet received 6,828 retweets, 34,611 Likes and 657 comments. One comment read, “Thank You Papa Francesco for your prayers for our brothers and sisters who sail the rough waters.” Another said, “Being a Roman Catholic is a wonderful thing went [when] church prayers [prays] for people in the sea it was great.” 

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